About Hispanos Unidos


Who We Are

Our mission is to unify New Mexicans who want more jobs and opportunity by fighting for our constitutional and natural rights.

We advocate for policies that make New Mexico a better place to raise a family and pursue the American dream.

What We Do

  • We are community organizers, building long-term relationships with voters

  • We educate voters on issues that matter to them

  • We target, identify, and mobilize voters frustrated with big government overreach

  • We publish research, newsletters, and other communications spotlighting legislation that benefits or is out of touch with the needs of hardworking New Mexican families


Founded in 2008 by a group of New Mexicans led by Victoriano Contreras in response to government leaders consistently out of touch with the needs of everyday New Mexicans, Hispanos Unidos has taken action on issues important to New Mexico communities such as economic rights, equality under the law, and sanctity of life.

As a non-partisan organization Hispanos Unidos holds every public official accountable regardless of political affiliation. One party has taken the Hispano community for granted, acting as though it is entitled to our support while ignoring our actual concerns and input. The other party has constantly failed to reach out to Hispanics in any meaningful way.

New Mexicans must unite and stand for our families and for ourselves. Together we can win the struggle for liberty and justice.