Biden's Embrace of MLG

16 June, 2022

In this week's Intelligencer, Biden embraces MLG, paranoid teachers act out, the first Mexican born Republican Latina in Congressand state officials send signals to eco-fascists through news reports.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  Biden takes a whiff of New Mexico


Hot seat: On Saturday, President Biden visited the massive fires caused earlier this year by his U.S. Forest Service that has destroyed hundreds of homes across 500 square miles. The president said federal tax dollars will pay for the full cost of the emergency response and debris removal, but also said money for the actual damage caused by the feds would require an act of congress.

Bidenflation: As policies that Biden has pushed has only led to more economic stress on prices and inflation, a new CNBC survey of 22 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) from top companies shows inflation is the number one economic problem and all of them believe a recession will hit in 2023.

Let’s Go Brandon!: As Biden’s approval continues to sink every more lowly, Hispanics and Independents are among the most anti-Biden voting blocs. Yet here in New Mexico, there is no recent data publicly available to check against these national trends. The left-wing establishment news media in New Mexico has protected MLG throughout her first term so most of her scandals never made it into the light of day. Anti-MLG forces should take advantage of the strong ties between MLG and the D.C. swamp.

Meanwhile, the situation with gas prices has gotten so bad that the White House is asking oil companies to "be patriots" and lower gas prices....

2. Brainwashed teachers fear COVID will kill them if they go back to work


Details: While teachers in the U.S. scribble living wills as they return to the classroom, new data from Sweden indicates startling evidence (to some) that the strict lockdown policies in many countries (including our own) that created dramatic learning loss — especially affecting people of color and poorer students — did not happen in Sweden.

Why not?: So why was Sweden seemingly unaffected by lockdown learning loss? Well, because they did not lockdown. Though made the whipping boy for places that did not conform to the dictates of politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Pharma, Sweden stayed the course in spite of all the pressure.

Highlights of the study published in the International Journal of Education Research include:

  • No COVID-19 related learning loss in reading in Swedish primary school students.
  • The proportion of students with weak reading skills did not increase during the pandemic.
  • Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds were not especially affected.

History will not look kindly to MLG and her enablers that locked down our and state with no tangible benefits and severe consequences to children and other vulnerable communities of our state.

3. Texas Hispanics Grow Tired of Progressive Failure


Details: Republican Mayra Flores won a special election Tuesday for an open congressional seat in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, marking a major breakthrough for Republicans in the historically blue region.

Background: The 34th Congressional district in Texas has been controlled by Democrats for over a century. As recently as 2018, the Dems won the seat by 20 points. Two years ago, the Dems won it by 14 points. On Tuesday, Flores won with 51% of the vote.

What they're saying: The Texas Tribune summed up the race this way:

Flores campaigned hard on her story as the wife of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and as a Mexican immigrant whose parents brought her to the United States as a young child. She mostly ignored Sanchez but took a sharp tone against Washington, D.C., Democrats in general. In one of her TV ads, she said the Rio Grande Valley is “under attack” at the border and promised not to let the “compadrismo” — cronyism — “in Washington ruin our communities.”

What we're watching: The outcome of the race is the most recent data point showing the collapse of Hispanic support of Democrats, whose progressive policies have abandoned the Hispanic communities that used to overwhelmingly support Democrats. The collapse in Hispanic support helps explain why MLG earlier this week sent a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejando Mayorkas requesting the feds delay planned or expanded efforts to transport migrants to New Mexico.

But the radical open border progressives with major influence in the Democrat Party in New Mexico will not let this go quietly. On Wednesday night, the well financed progressive dark money organization, NM CAFé, blasted MLG for her letter and demanded she reverse course.

We will be watching if, as in Texas and across the country, Hispanics in New Mexico will continue to accept mediocrity or whether they will abandon the status quo and support leaders willing to step up for our state and, among other things, secure our border and maker our communities safer. The opportunity for the GOP and other conservatives is ripe, but they must make their case and engage with Hispanics as Flores exemplified in Texas.

4. “The advantage of steganography over cryptography alone is that the intended secret message does not attract attention to itself as an object of scrutiny.” -- OJ Pahati


Big Green tightens grip: A nominating committee will soon name at least five people and select three to serve on the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) beginning in 2023. Then Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will submit her 3 hand-picked appointees to be confirmed by the state Senate.

The committee will be named this month by the House & Senate leaders as well as the Economic Development Secretary Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Secretary (EMRD).

Speaking of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Secretary: On the heels of a new federal report claiming companies in the Permian Basin are probably “significantly” underreporting emissions, the EMRD’s Oil Conservation Division (OCD) recently launched an online portal so the public can see natural gas waste reports required by the state government.

New green laws require companies to hand over business data and are mandated each year to increasingly cut emissions during their energy production all to they can meet the government’s dictate to “achieve” 98 percent gas capture by 2026.

Collusion: Mariel Nanasi, head of the radical eco-fascist organization New Energy Economy of Santa Fe, demands that members of the nominating committee be eco “visionaries” who privilege the renewable energy corporate lobby and their political allies.

She said there’s going to be “big trouble” if “there’s nobody who has the interests that I have…on that committee,” and she can tell from committee’s choice whether the new selection process will favor “utility companies” or environmental special interests.

What is this new selection process? It’s the one that her group and many others, like the Western Resource Advocates, initiated in order to turn the Public Relations Commissioner into an unelected appointment by the Governor and eliminating two positions on the board (from 5 members to 3.)

Big Green’s attack on our constitutional democratic process was in retaliation against a Democrat environmentalist Commissioner who was not extreme enough for MLG’s corporate cronies.

Steganography: EMRD Secretary Sandoval directed the New Energy Economy and all the other Big Green activists to the online portal to find dirt on energy providers by comparing gas reports with other reports (that providers are forced to submit to the OCD, such as venting and flaring data.)

EMNRD General Counsel Dylan Fuge then directed eco-fascists to conduct surveys to find more dirt and give him the pretense he needs as General Counsel to go after the oil and gas industry by requiring costly third-party audits.


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