MLG Caught On Video Misleading The Public

In this week's Intelligencer, MLG caught on video, federal judge fails to hold bureaucrats accountable, rising electric rates, Santa Fe's growing crime problem, and inflation at record levels. Continue reading

The Demonization of a Conservative Latina

In this week's Intelligencer, the New York Times attacks Latina member of Congress, Texas counties make immigration moves, Biden underwater with Independents, MLG’s ambitious abortion pitch to Biden, and SCOTUS reigns-in the EPA. Continue reading

MLG Grandstands While Girls Suffer

In this week's Intelligencer, Lujan Grisham grandstands, new state law to take effect, Big Green notches another big win, Democrats are switching to GOP, and 4th of July celebrations hurt by inflation. Continue reading

Hispanics Key to Defeating MLG

In this week's Intelligencer, Hispanics continues drift away from Democrats, MLG struggling in polls, Otero County election drama continues, and the feds settles with New Mexico over environmental damage. Continue reading

Biden's Embrace of MLG

In this week's Intelligencer, Biden embraces MLG, paranoid teachers act out, the first Mexican born Republican Latina in Congress, and state officials send signals to eco-fascists through news reports. Continue reading

As Dust Settles Over Primaries, Questions Remain

In this week's Intelligencer, a special edition of our newsletter covering the primary election this week. Continue reading

Feds Finally Admit Fault For New Mexico's Massive Fire

In this week's Intelligencer, U.S. Forest Service takes blame for New Mexico’s massive fire, Speaker Egolf's bullying of moderate Dem, Democrats threaten to ban handguns, “legal desert” meets “restorative justice”, and Big Green’s champion in the bureaucracy thrives on power. Continue reading

Anarchy in the Duke City?

In this week's Intelligencer, ABQ's sanctuary city failure, PED’s cool reception, misinformation misleads public on wildfires, and Secretary Haaland shown up by Joe Manchin. Continue reading

Are Electricity Shortages Coming?

In this week's Intelligencer, New Mexico's energy grid on shaky ground, Senate Democrats' parliamentary corruption exposed, a fresh batch of primary elections across the country has partisan intrigue baked-in, and American investments in Chinese military tech scrutinized. Continue reading

Hispanic Gun Ownership Soars

In this week's Intelligencer, firearm purchases by Hispanics skyrocket, New Mexico's students suffer lingering after effects, the radical environmental agenda marches on, and the violent tactics of pro-abortion extremists. Continue reading