Cultural Defense


New Mexico has historically been a footnote on the nation’s teaching of history. Plymouth Rock, the first North Atlantic slave ship, the signing of the Declaration of Independence are all iconic moments in the canon of our great nation’s history. What many Americans do not know, and embarrassingly what many New Mexicans forget, is that 166 years before our nation’s founders penned the Declaration of Independence, the city of Santa Fe was founded. Our history and our people are like nowhere else in the world. Even our Spanish is unique to our state and found nowhere else on the planet. 

New Mexico history, and our families' individual histories are a much longer, more complex story than the sole chapter it’s reduced to in the U.S. history books. We’re proud to be Spanish, Mexican, Indigenous, White, and everything in between. We know our history is more than heroes and villains. 

We are tired of being reduced to an afterthought. We are proud of our history and our heritage. At Hispanos Unidos, we’re committed to our cultural preservation and remembering where we came from. We believe in teaching our children the whole story of who we are and how we got here. That doesn’t involve the destruction of monuments or the removal of New Mexico history. It also doesn't mean erasing the ugly parts of our past. Ours is a story that is still unfolding and we are not about to let this be the end of it.