Democrats Breaking Rules To Pass Gas Tax

The House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee is hearing SB 14 this morning, Wednesday, February 16th. Call your representative and tell them to vote against a gas tax!

Radical environmental special interests have a such a stranglehold on the Roundhouse agenda that Speaker Egolf's Democrats are willing to break the rules to pass a massive gas tax.

During the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee on Friday, February 11, 2022, the committee was debating House Bill 6 Clean Future Act. The hearing for this bill ran out of time and it was held over until the next day. This is a common occurrence in house committees.

On Saturday, February 12, the committee continued its debate on HB6. After about 30 minutes, the Chair of the committee, Representative Georgene Louis, violated the rules of the order of the house by cutting off Rep. Bill Rehm in the middle of debate:

Rep. Rehem: “Madame Chair and Representative, I want to go back to page four.”

Chair Louis: “So representative, I’m going to interrupt right now.”

Chair Louis broke the rules as detailed in the current Committee Handbook for the New Mexico Legislature, which states explicitly, “To limit debate or the number of times a speaker may speak would defeat the purpose for which a committee is created.”

Yet this was not a one-time thing. Three times more she violated both the letter and spirit of the house rules. Rep. Louis also interrupted Rep. Greg Nibert – literally in mid-sentence – as he asked legitimate and appropriate questions of the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Nathan Small.

Chair Louis, “We’re going to move it along.”

Next, Chair Louis insisted that Rep. Martin Zamora limit himself to only two questions.

Rep. Zamora: “With all due respect, Madame Chair, the time was limited last discussion on this and it’s real limited today.

I think members of the public should be respected and well-informed as to these bills that we’re voting on, and we have a lot to learn on this bill also.”

Rep. Zamora finished by pointing out there were more questions he would like to ask and requested Chair Louis allow more time for discussion.

But she ignored him and proceeded to a hear a motion to pass the bill when Rep. Nibert, holding in his hand a copy of the Committee Handbook, called for a point of order:

Rep. Nibert: Neither Representative Rehm and myself, and apparently Representative Zamora haven’t finished questioning the witness. You cannot close debate until we are finished with our questions.”

Then, Rep. Gail Chasey jumped in to steer Chair Louis into ending the debate. But that move was also in violation of the rules – and Chair Louis allowed it.

The end result was a bill rammed through without a real debate and without following the legal procedures that, at least theoretically, makes our democratic process possible.

This disgraceful episode is far from an isolated incident. Sadly, it is par for the course under the current House Speaker Brian Egolf. It is also what happens under one-party rule in a state dominated by the Democratic Party for nearly a century, and even more outrageous when a single party essentially has a monopoly on power: a super-majority in the legislature, a tyrannical governor, and a supreme court that rubber stamps her abuse of emergency powers for two years.

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