MLG Underfunds Support for Indigenous Women

In this week's Intelligencer, MLG chose politics over Native American women, new studies show lockdown’s damage on children, top Republican donor backs Democrats in primary, and WIPP gets whipped by Inspector General’s report.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  “You don’t have to understand Navajo to feel the emotion of the mother who speaks about the loss of her son.” – Raul Bujanda, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Albuquerque Division

Details: UNM’s School of Medicine's Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) will be spending nearly $400K in federal funding to solve a backlog of cases involving missing and murdered Native American women, as the FBI begins running radio ads –in the Navajo language– to bring awareness.

Bureaucratic nightmare: The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department says there are over 100 law enforcement agencies, over a dozen prosecutorial entities, and 23 sovereign tribes in New Mexico. This makes it difficult to respond, investigate, and prosecute these cases; and NMIAD has called for more oversight and cooperation among the various government agencies.

Political will?: According to the National Crime Information Center, as of January, there were 946 active missing persons and 20 unidentified persons reported across New Mexico, but advocates say the total number of Indigenous killed is still unknown. 

Yet, as MLG and her Leftist allies pat themselves on the back for passing SB12 this year, which budgets $2M to fund personnel and resources in the AG’s office, those in control refused to look for ways to use Recovery Act to help solve crimes against Native Americans. Instead of helping these victims, MLG earmarked $10,000,000 to bribe residents into getting vaxxed.

2. "In some cases this has led to tragic outcomes, such as an 11-year-old New Mexican boy who killed himself as a result of school closures.” – Sara Smith, former NASA aerospace engineer


Aftershocks: With months of isolation, mask mandates, and non-stop fear propaganda, kids are experiencing panic attacks in class, and school administrators are seeing more apathy, “angst and uncertainty.” Teachers in New Mexico are bearing witness to more violent outbursts and psychological trauma felt by kids as a result of MLG’s extended lockdown, reporting higher numbers of students suffering anxiety and depression, which matches data from other states.

Most vulnerable: UNM educational psychologist Martin Jones said the lockdown exacerbated preexisting issues, “the kids that were already dealing with depression and suicidal ideation, they did get much worse…some parents reported that their children suffered depression and even suicidal thoughts” due to the COVID lockdown.

The big picture: Sara Smith, a natural health care practitioner and member of the National Coalition for Health Integrity said recent CDC reports show major increases in child trips to the Emergency Room for mental health problems, and children are suffering increased levels of neurodevelopmental disorders, psychosocial problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and drug poisoning.

Recent findings show that teens were more likely to experience emotional and physical abuse during the lockdown and school closures that can result in “homelessness, self-harm, anxiety and depression.”

3. “I don’t agree with them [socialist Democrats] on economic development issues.” – Democrat State Representative Harry Garcia


Old Money: Longtime donor to conservative causes (almost exclusively to Republican candidates) Harvey Yates is taking a different approach this year by helping moderate and conservative Democratic candidates in several house races.

Strange bedfellows: The Republican donor seems to be in an uncoordinated alliance with more traditional Democrats: Patty Lundstrom, chair of the powerful House Finance Committee, and Harry Garcia of Grants, who are also funding challengers to four sitting colleagues – as those left-wingers are getting money from powerful and influential House Democrats.

New Money: Though dark money groups like the Center for Civic Policy (a powerful lobbying force) bemoan the chump change from conservative donors, they continue to coordinate with the radicals in state government  – and pay people to testify for their pet legislation.

4. “Of the seven issues asked about in our polling, climate change (along with COVID-19 — also at 39%) ranks at the bottom as "high priority" issues.” – CBS News/YouGov


Dangerous mineral?: The New Mexico Environmental Department is holding an $82 million bond over the head of Mosaic Potash company, as it investigates “groundwater contamination” along the Pecos River. NMED holds the nearly $100,000,000 bond with Mosaic to cover the cost of shutting down the potash facility --if the agency determines that the “pollution” is still present.

Potash is a “salt rich in potassium…used mostly as a plant fertilizer and in animal feed” and mining it is one of the oldest and vital industries in Eddy County that provides jobs for their community.

Government oversight?: Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Inspector General reported that government officials failed to “provide effective management and oversight” over the Nuclear Waste Partnership, the contractors hired to manage WIPP, and who ignored internal recommendations for fixing the problems (including lack of safety, training, and equipment) that go back at least as far as 2016.

The Big Green picture: While federal agencies fail to oversee nuclear material, and state agencies want to prevent potassium "pollution", a new CBS News/YouGov poll shows fewer people across the board (age, race, education, political party affiliation) feel climate change needs to be addressed right away – a drop of nearly 10 percent.

Another CBS News poll in February confirmed that while most Americans are not very concerned about climate change, Democrats are far more likely to be paranoid about the issue, and not even moderate Democrats are as fearful as the Left-wing Democrats are.


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