Hispanic Gun Ownership Soars

In this week's Intelligencer, firearm purchases by Hispanics skyrocket, New Mexico's students suffer lingering after effects, the radical environmental agenda marches on, and the violent tactics of pro-abortion extremists.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  Defund the Police movement is fueling the Hispanic 2nd amendment movement

Got yourself a gun?: Nearly 40 percent of retailers saw an increase of Hispanics purchasing firearms in 2021, according to firearm industry trade association National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) based on retailer surveys and background checks.

Off target: The Biden administration has not backed away from its wokeness, including the radical Defund The Police movement and its supporters. In fact, it’s driving many to arm themselves and their families, said Gabby Franco, a Venezuelan firearms instructor who has seen more Latinos in her classes.

Full clip: So it’s not surprising that 54% of Hispanic voters in New Mexico disapprove of Biden as president and only 36 percent approve. And as Hispanics break out of the mental ghetto of cultural Marxism, even Axios admits "that more people of color are exercising their Second Amendment rights [which] could spell trouble for Democrats....” With the recent pushes in the Roundhouse for more gun control, could this be a swing issue in 2022?

2. “They went to Texas because their schools were open 100 percent. Lesson learned.” -State Sen. Gay Kernan, of Hobbs (on the Texas border)


Details: With enrollment across the state and in Albuquerque still down about 4% (more than the national average) the Legislative Finance Committee recommends Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) lay off 30% of their 12,000 employees. APS also has over 10,000 fewer students than it did six years ago, due to lower population – but also because more parents are choosing to send their kids to charter schools and tried homeschooling for the first time. School closures also damaged the psychological health of children as well.

Why it matters: Meanwhile, as the powers that be decided unilaterally to implement a year-round school calendar – throwing the lives of teachers, parents, and children into chaos, the PED released a 55 page draft plan to comply with the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit, which includes a target goal of “improving the diversity of teachers by 20%.”

The big picture: Ultimately, throwing more money at New Mexico’s education won’t change the failure of the system – one that is controlled by the most powerful unions in the country. The unions simply are not incentivized to change the system they created to benefit themselves at the cost of everyone else: students, parents, taxpayers, and even the teachers themselves.

3. The radical environmentalist agenda shows no sign of slowing in New Mexico


Details: Unelected government bureaucrats in New Mexico have adopted more stringent motor vehicle emissions standards as part of MLG's unrelenting radical environmentalist agenda and hell-bent on making New Mexico follow California's footsteps.

Background: The new rule is scheduled to take effect July 1 and requires reduced emissions in cars, trucks and SUVs starting with the 2026 model year.

What they're saying: The Rio Grande Foundation's Paul Gessing takes a deeper look at the new rule's impact:

California’s (and New Mexico’s) standards will require roughly 7% of new cars sold to be zero emission in 2025. In the 3rd quarter of 2021 zero emission vehicles amounted to just 2.29% of new vehicle sales in New Mexico. So, those sales will need to just more than triple from Q3 of 2021 to 2025.

That means that dealers will either cross-subsidize ZEV’s by raising prices on other vehicles or they will look to the State to subsidize sales of the “chosen” vehicles.

To make matters worse: Refineries are struggling to keep up with surging demand for diesel-like fuels used in manufacturing and freight transportation – resulting in record diesel prices. AAA says the price of diesel fuel averaged $5.54 nationwide Monday, the highest ever. These record fuel prices will be passed on to consumers and will further increase the cost of groceries, exacerbate inflation concerns, and hammer the pocketbook of New Mexican families.

What we're watching: Regardless of their rather successful Roundhouse legislative victories, the radical environmentalist agenda is relentless in exploiting any and all means available to continue imposing their misguided regulations on New Mexico.

Until MLG is replaced and a governor is elected that truly represents the voices of all New Mexico (including the more rural areas) their agenda will not be stopped and the needs of hardworking New Mexican families will continue to be ignored.

4. “Just for clarity’s sake, did you say that ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate?” - South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott


Ruth Sent Us: As the investigation into the leak of the Justice Alito draft overruling Roe v Wade develops, the pro-abortion extremists escalate their illegal intimidation tactics – cheered on by the White House and mainstream media.

Unsafe conditions: Even though it is a federal crime to protest outside the private residence of a federal judge, abortion advocates are not just protesting, they are using threatening language and committing arson against pro-life offices.

The big picture: As Congress debates the alleged economic benefit of mass infanticide, New Mexicans must decide what they value: life or death. As per the Almighty’s instructions in the fifth book of Moses, “I have put before you life and death, blessing and curse — therefore choose life!”

But you don’t have to be religious to be pro-life, said Kelley Hazzard, who identifies as part of "The Pro-Life Generation of millennials and Gen Z. “I am an atheist, I am also a dedicated pro-life activist, working to make abortion unthinkable.”


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