Hispanics Sour on Dems But Sweet on the GOP?

In this week's Intelligencer, Dems’ approval is low with Hispanics, MLG’s approval is low with New Mexicans, electricity rates are increasing in New Mexico, Californians are recalling leftist prosecutors, and the SCOTUS leak trickles into the Land of Enchantment.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  GOP has the advantage with key voters in 2022 elections; will GOP capitalize?

Details: A new NPR/Marist poll reveals a continuation of a serious decay in Democrat support as the 2022 election cycle heats up. Still, the results were pretty remarkable: the poll found Republicans strongly lead Democrats on the generic Congressional ballot among these key groups:

  • Parents with children under 18: 60% choose GOP; 32% Democrat

  • Latino voters: 52% GOP; 39% Democrat

Background: Clearly the 2022 cycle continues to shape up to be an historically tough environment for Democrats: the shutting down of schools and the harsh COVID-related lockdowns have caused serious harm to parents, their kids, and hard working Hispanic families. These demographics have faced the brunt of the lockdowns and these polling results confirm their feelings towards their elected representatives.

What we're watching: It is hard to imagine a more ripe environment for the GOP. Yet, they have a history of squandering similar opportunities in the past — especially here in New Mexico. Those of us begging for some balance of representation in Santa Fe are hoping the GOP does not waste this moment to take power back from the radicals ruining our state. Meanwhile, non-affiliated groups must unite to reach moderate and conservative Democrats, because as evident in following item, MLG and her fellow radicals are doing everything they can to stay in power.

2. MLG's desperate reelection campaign continues


Down with MLG?: Although MLG ranks near the bottom of the list of approval ratings for state’s governors, she is still 3 points (within margin of error) more popular than not with New Mexican voters.

Votes for cash: Taking no chances, the tiny tyrant is using federal tax dollars to bribe voters with money for daycare co-pays for families who earn up $111,000 a year for a household of four, which is up to 400 percent of the federal poverty line. As any parent will tell you, quality childcare is already incredibly difficult to find in New Mexico, and simply increasing the demand and doing nothing to increase the supply of the number of providers only exacerbates the situation. It is an expensive political trick to try to improve her political numbers in the short term while taking the affordability of child care from bad to worse: a 2016 study found that child care in New Mexico costs more than college tuition.

The Grish knows many New Mexican voters are still outraged by her failed policies and ignoring common sense while claiming to “follow the science” (at the same time the evidence continues to mount that her style of policies have serious negative side effects).

Media bias: Considering the “news” media in New Mexico are mostly allied with the Democratic Party and its non-profit proxies, it is not surprising the governor’s publicly available poll numbers don’t reflect her disastrous first term. It will be up to New Mexicans themselves to educate their friends, families, and neighbors about why MLG is unfit for a second term.

3. The harbinger of higher electricity rates?


Details: While the San Juan Generating Station near Farmington is scheduled to shut down later this year as required by MLG and her radical environmentalists' "mini -Green New Deal" (coincidentally after peak summer demand), there is a debate over how the shutdown of the power plant will affect electricity rates of PNM customers across the state as PNM is the state's largest electric utility.

What they're saying: “As we make this transition, you’re gonna see that costs are gonna go up so we can actually replace resources,” says Raymond Sandoval, PNM’s director of corporate communications and brand management. He continues to explain that rates will "increase as PNM adds new transmission lines, new smart meters, and new technology including cybersecurity technology."

So it begins: The most recent debate about the timing of rate increases is largely inconsequential; the empirical evidence is clear that renewable energy mandates dramatically increase the cost of electricity: it is why Californians pay among the highest prices in the nation for electricity.

Don't California My New Mexico: Don't let the radical environmentalists fool you with their snake oil: the California model has failed according to sensible environmentalists who are serious about cutting carbon emissions with nuclear energy — and sadly, New Mexico is headed down the same path.

But there is a silver lining: the serious threat of power shortages in California is prompting Gov. Gavin Newsom to consider delaying the long-planned closure of California’s largest electricity source: the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. New Mexico policymakers should take note and course correct before New Mexico is stuck with a similar expensive and unreliable energy grid.

4. “People are happy to be progressive…as long as their bike doesn’t get stolen.” — Lara Bazelon, a University of San Francisco law professor


Total Recall: The success of the radical Left’s prosecutor election strategy is falling apart in the left-coast capital of California, as residents in both San Francisco and L.A. are trying to recall their unpopular “progressive” Democrat prosecutors, Chesa Boudin and George Gascón, for causing more crime. In fact, Boudin comes from the communist elite, born to terrorists and raised by terrorists (literally).

Damage Done: The radicals have been quietly nudging America towards Defund The Police policies for decades. And since the Ferguson anti-police riots, political activists and prominent Democrats have publicly called for abolishing prisons. New Mexico, of course, has tragically also seen record high crime and murder rates and similar problems with homeless-related crime.

It could happen here: In New Mexico, the last couple sessions have seen several such criminal justice reform bills: “No Bail, No Jail” catch/release, and ending qualified immunity protections for police officers. The radicals in the Roundhouse are following the lead of the left-wing elite. But will New Mexicans follow the lead of Californians and correct bad choices at the ballot box?

5. “Ashley Biden’s diary was handed to Project Veritas. They turned it over to law enforcement and FBI raided [them.] Politico was handed a draft Supreme Court decision. They published it. I’m waiting.” — Arthur Schwartz


SCOTUS Mayhem: The auspicious timing of the majority opinion leak on the communist May Day celebration aside, it may have been done to help radical Democrats defeat their moderate and conservative primary rivals – after all, the SCOTUS public ruling is only a couple months away.

Magnet for murder: New Mexico is already a magnet for abortion extremists – especially after Texas’ new abortion law. With the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the director for the notorious “Pink House” – the only abortion clinic in Mississippi, announced, “Our plans are to open a facility in New Mexico. We’ve been calling it the Pink House West.”

Pro-Abortion Riots?: Hollywood and the Vice President called for pro-abortion hordes to “take to the street” and “fight.” On command, the same Antifa and activist wannabes from the 2020 riots blocked traffic and confronted police to show solidary with baby-killing. Could it be the leak was designed to create riots to be covered by the biased media in order to pressure one of the conservative justices to change their legal opinion on Roe?


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