How Will Hispanics Impact the 2018 Midterm Elections?

There is no question the American Hispanic population will have an influence on this year’s midterm elections, but the exact impact of that influence is hard to predict.

In 2012, 48% of eligible Hispanics voted. In 2016, the number went down to 47.6%. These numbers are relatively steady. These statistics do come from general election years, and midterms are notorious for low voter turn-out across the board.

In the Presidential election of 2016, while Hilary Clinton underperformed among Hispanics compared with President Obama’s reelection four years prior, Donald Trump won the support of 28% of the Hispanic vote, which is almost identical to Mitt Romney’s 27% Hispanic support in 2012. This reveals that even though some predicted a surge in anti-Trump Hispanic voters, either the surge never really materialized or Hispanics did not believe an extension of the Obama presidency was worth their support.

There are a number of factors that could affect this year’s midterm elections. In the 2016 election, 44% of voting Hispanics were of the millennial generation. As millennials continue to show up at the polls in greater numbers than older generations, there could be a shift in the way Hispanic values are represented in local, state, and federal government. In our neighboring state of Texas, almost half of future voters under 18 are Hispanic and could have tremendous impact of future elections if they vote: only “43 percent of the youngest [Hispanic] millennials — those in the 18-29 age group — registered in 2016 and less than a third voted”.

With Hispanic unemployment rate at a historic low and most families starting to see the benefits of tax reform, Hispanics have seen some benefits of the current economic agenda in Washington. While Democrats have an anticipated enthusiasm advantage this November, the tangible benefits of a strong economy could be part of a winning messaging strategy for Republicans.

Some candidates believe that being anti-Trump is all they need to win elections. Given the tepid response to their campaigns so far, that does not appear to be enough for those hungry for solutions to our state’s problems.

At the end of the day, Hispanics in New Mexico want what all New Mexicans want: an economy that helps them achieve the American dream, schools that prepare their children for a global economy, and a safe place to raise a family. Politicians of any party that make a convincing message that they have solutions to those issues will find Hispanics receptive to support them in the voting booth.

So our fellow New Mexicans tired of the status quo: get registered, vote and let your voice be heard. It's up to us to stand up to change the fate of our great state.

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  • John Stanis
    commented 2018-07-26 08:57:32 -0600
    Hi Friends, I am originally from Milwaukee WI, live in Florida for 24 years and living in Las Cruces, New Mexico for 10.5 years. I was always around different cultures and People when I was a kid and when to public schools of all colors back in 1957. Back then I had many friends and we all played together and said our pledge to the Flag and God. To serve OUR country for Liberty and Justice for All. What cause the division of the child in us I will never understand and the mess Americans created. I thought that the Revolution War and Civil War was over and everyone came to an agreement that Tyranny and Slavery was Bad History. Thus, when I served in the US Army, My Dreams fall apart. I was suddenly changed over night by hate and fear I felt from my own people. The shock and reality I got of Mankind turning Evil. I was kidnap by my government Selective Service Board(Last Draft in 1970) from my home. I was in a place(US Army) of terror that ran through my body and mind training too kill our fellow man(enemy/fore) and to protect your back at all times. This was my military life for me over 3 years active duty Overseas. Now, this is what is happening in our society during peace time for the New Generation of Americans(Home Warfare) by our Deep-State Secret Society(Cabal Government Rulers) over the People. Therefore, our young people need to understand that your Votes affect your Life and what you want out of it. America is still the best choice to live in but, you have to get the Right People in government to protect your Investment of Liberty and Justice.