MLG Caught On Video Misleading The Public

MLG Caught On Video Misleading The Public

14 July, 2022

In this week's Intelligencer, MLG caught on video, federal judge fails to hold bureaucrats accountable, rising electric rates, Santa Fe's growing crime problem, and inflation at record levels.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1. MLG caught on video giving misinformation to the public, receipts prove it


The denial: At a campaign event in Socorro Governor Lujan Grisham was asked “Why did you use state funds to pay for a baby shower?"

MLG said, “I didn’t use state funds to pay for a baby shower. Maybe you should do your facts better,” as she walked away. She was asked again about it and denied it a second time, “Nope. None.”

Then one of her supporters told the man asking the question “Don’t believe what Ronchetti says,” and the Governor went on the attack again, without a hint of irony. “He [Ronchetti] should do better fact-checking his own self.” Just this past week, MLG made national fact-check news for getting caught in a misleading ad.

Undeniable: Whether it’s Jewelrygate (violating her own health orders) or Waygugate (spending tax dollars on herself), MLG is utterly shameless about deceiving the people of New Mexico, as even the left-wing Politico reported on her other deceptions more than once.

Sadly, even though the New Mexico press occasionally mentions MLG’s slip-ups, her four years in office has been propped up by journalists underreporting the news. This governor should be as unpopular as Biden, so it is up to the La Gente to spread the word on her lies and prevent another disastrous four years of her failed leadership.

2. Feds side with partisan state judges against the people of New Mexico


Federal power: A federal magistrate judge last week killed the last hope of New Mexicans to hold their governor and health bureaucrats accountable for the extreme and devastating lockdown ordered by Governor Lujan Grisham and “public health” officials.

According to Attorney Jonathan Diener a dozen New Mexicans dropped their lawsuit (that could have put a check on the executive powers) against MLG and her lackeys due to the federal magistrate’s ruling.

Partisan privilege: The Democrat-controlled state Supreme Court unsurprisingly upheld DOH secretary’s orders to shut down and restrict New Mexican businesses (while carving out exemptions for corporate big box stores) in August 2020, rejecting the protests of mom & pop shops throughout the state.

The New Mexico Supreme Court also backed MLG’s maniacal dictates that locked out the public from the legislative session and that cost New Mexicans incalculable losses.

New judges?: After decades of one-sided power dynamics and apathetic inertia, our democratic process has been subverted by a groupthink/hive mind that has gutted the ability of New Mexicans to live freely – and safely.

For more information about a new crop of judicial candidates who are running to protect public safety, our constitutional rights, and put criminals where they belong, check out these links: Thomas Montoya, Kerry Morris, Barbara Johnson, and Gertrude Lee.

3. New Mexico electricity rates are rising; a harbinger of things to come?


Details: Many PNM customers are noticing their electricity bills are increasing this summer. PNM, the state's largest utility, said customers' bills could continue to increase until Sept. 22, the last day of summer.

What PNM is saying: Why are bills increasing? According to the company, "it comes down to several factors. From customer usage and supply chain issues to delays on solar projects." Raymond Sandoval, director of corporate communications for PNM, also said the biggest explanation "could be higher prices for natural gas and coal".

Background: It's true natural gas prices are up over last year and coal prices more than doubled over the past year. But what PNM fails to mention is that the push by radical environmentalists to mandate the use of renewable (uncontrollable) energy, from New Mexico's own "mini-Green New Deal" and across the world, is wreaking havoc on energy markets as explained in a recent piece in Utility Dive:

The weather-dependent nature of wind- and solar-power generation means there is much more uncertainty about whether there will be enough power to meet the demand on the grid. This can translate to volatile electricity prices. Over the last five years, daily price ranges among North American grid operators have grown by an average of 300% and by as much as 600%, according to data from Yes Energy, an energy market data provider.

When you couple that with the fact that more than 600 GW of solar capacity were in the interconnection queues of North American grid operators (up from just over 100 GW of capacity in 2016), you start to get a sense of the growing problem facing energy markets.

And since PNM and other power utilities are government sanctioned monopolies, they are allowed what is called a "regulated return" on their costs. The higher the cost to provide power, the more revenue for PNM. It why the failed California energy model is considered to be anti-poor and anti-working class. Unless Santa Fe is able to course correct, the recent rise in electricity costs in New Mexico are certain to only get worse.

4. City of Santa Fe proves yet again why its run by totalitarian leftists


Rampant theft: As homelessness and crime continue to increase in the city of Santa Fe, local stores are losing serious money on shopping chart thieves. In the city of Santa Fe, local stores are losing serious money on shopping chart thieves.

Jeremy Montoya, a store manager at Albertson’s Market and Nagisa Suzuki, store manager at La Montanita Co-op say shopping cart thefts have increased dramatically over the past few years.

Shopping carts can cost anywhere from $100 to $150 each, with some going as high as $400, depending on the design, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Suzuki said they pay a cart retrieval company – yet still has to order a new fleet of carts “every few months.”

Montoya said his store is close to a strong of low-rent motels, and often sees people hauling their purchases or homeless carrying their possessions in the stores’ carts.

The city’s “solution”?: City officials say they need to “do something”. In a bizarre abdication of responsibility, the city is proposing to fine the stores for not being able to stop rampant crime on their property.

The law’s sponsors, Mayor Alan Webber and City Councilor Carol Romero-Wirth, hope that by threatening retailers with $150 fine for every cart the city picks up and forcing businesses to improve “security measures” to keep the carts on their property, the city won’t have to enforce laws against stealing.

The City Clerk said the store-punishment system is “experimental”, even though its modelled on other cities with high crime. She even admits that, “if someone wants to take a grocery cart, they will find a way,” while Romero-Wirth agreed the proposal isn’t perfect, but “something needed to be done.”

Victims’ POV: Meanwhile, the victims of the thefts have a better solution. “I think better thing is maybe just call us so we can pick them up, said Montoya, desperately pleading, “We try so hard, and it is kind of out of our control."

The law could cripple these businesses with possibly tens of thousands of dollars in fines every few months.

Suzuki agrees that the city’s plan is awful, “There are probably other ways to see some positive impact for businesses who have these carts taken,” she said of the bill.

And don’t forget, this idea is coming from a Mayor who encourages and celebrating the mob violence and destruction of public property during the 2020 socialist riots.

5. Inflation rose 9.1% in June, highest in over four decades


Details: The BLS consumer price index (CPI) increased 9.1% from a year ago in June, which came in even higher than the 8.8% Dow Jones estimate.

Background: The CPI is a broad measure of everyday goods and services related to the cost of living. The data seemed to counter the narrative that inflation may have already peaked, as the prices increases were large across the board.

What they're saying: “CPI delivered another shock, and as painful as June’s higher number is, equally as bad is the broadening sources of inflation,” said Robert Frick, corporate economist at Navy Federal Credit Union. “Though CPI’s spike is led by energy and food prices, which are largely global problems, prices continue to mount for domestic goods and services, from shelter to autos to apparel.”

What we're watching: The high inflation numbers (including a 41.5% energy inflation rate from June 2021 to June 2022, the highest since 1980) could push the Federal Reserve into an even more aggressive position, increasing the risk that the U.S. economy will be pushed into a recession (if we are not in one already). 


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