Newsletter: November 2020 Recap

The biggest surprise of the 2020 New Mexico elections might not have been the results, but the size of the record-breaking overall turnout that was largely due to record-shattering voting by absentee ballot.

Hispanos Unidos' efforts targeted several key races, including the Senate District held by John Arthur Smith and House District 53.

While Senator-elect Crystal Diamond won by a comfortable margin, Rick Little is currently in a recount with only a handful of votes separating the two candidates.

In keeping with our focus on direct voter contact (even in an unprecedented COVID-19 environment), Hispanos Unidos made thousands of calls and knocked on thousands of doors through Election Day.

But our fight for a better New Mexico continues past Election Day. As the dust settles from the election, special interests and political insiders are moving quickly to coalesce behind a progressive agenda demanding greater power and even more control over the lives of everyday New Mexicans. The arduous redistricting process will begin in earnest - and to no one's surprise liberal leaders are already drawing up plans to solidify their power.

For this reason and others, the upcoming Legislative Session will have a dramatic impact on New Mexico for years to come. With liberal Democrats holding super majorities in both legislative chambers, you can count on us to keep you in the loop and up to date when - not if - politicians in Santa Fe propose laws that do NOT make New Mexico a better place to raise a family, earn a living, or pursue the American dream. 

It is up to all of us to stay vigilant and demand our leaders listen to the people. Please don't forget to spread the word and get your family and friends in the know as well. Thank you for your support!

Victor Contreras
Chairman, Hispanos Unidos

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  • Today lawmakers are meeting in a special session for the second time this year to divvy up a $330 million financial aid package targeted at providing financial relief to local businesses, workers, and families hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.
  • Governor Lujan-Grisham's shutdown of grocery stores in New Mexico have made it nearly impossible not to have to wait in line to buy groceries and fueling outrage that her government-mandated restrictions are counterproductive. The growing outrage is credited with her backtracking today and allowing the opening of so-called "essential businesses" such as grocery stores that her administration had previously shut down (if the business agrees to test and contract trace employees).
  • In a profile by The New York Times the government imposed shutdowns in New Mexico do not noticeably reduce the spread of COVID-19 compared to states like South Dakota with little or no restrictions.
  • A group of New Mexican leaders are pushing back against the Democrat controlled legislature that has rubber-stamped the Governor's harsh executive mandates by promoting the Emergency Powers Accountability Act.