Whether you grew up in Albuquerque or Mora, we all have an inherent drive to work hard. We have a drive and an expectation to provide the best possible opportunity for our children. It used to be that our grandparents could keep their heads down, take risks, and work hard and leave their children more than they had. Now, it doesn’t seem to be that way. 

It seems that at every turn, our people’s hard work is washed out. From government closing our businesses to crime killing our children, it is no longer a given that our hard work will amount to a better future. As a people, we don’t ask for much. All we ask is that we are given the opportunity to get ahead—an opportunity to make our hard work matter. 

At Hispanos Unidos, we are fighting for a better future for all of our children. We fight for a thriving economy where high paying jobs are plentiful and government stays out of our way. We fight to keep more of what we earn. We fight for our children to have the best educational opportunities and the widest futures available to them. Whether they leave high school and pursue college or technical training, they should have every reason to stay in New Mexico and have pride in building on the legacy of their forefathers. We are fighting for a New Mexico with hope and new horizons; just as our families have done for 400 years.