Outraged Parents Resisting PED Get Support

In this week's Intelligencer, minority whips up a stir against PED, journalistic double standards, cracks in the federal lockdown, New Mexico becomes a hot topic in Washington, and will energy prices rise even more?

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  “Elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents, not serve as pawns of state bureaucrats in order to rubber stamp and implement their mandates under threat of removal” – Juan Garcia

The letter: As the Left flexes its political might in the classroom, New Mexico parents have challenged the racial and political indoctrination that eventually became the new state standards for social studies curriculum.

Race theories: Parents not only charged state officials with not being adequately responsive during the public comment process, the main focus was on the content, not the process. “The curriculum proposes changes that foster teachings with a bias towards progressives and we feel they’re taking history and making it political,” said Anita Statman.

The resistance: The letter, urging school boards to represent those who elected them, has been characterized as an “escalation in the politics of education in New Mexico” calling on school boards to ignore the new standards that relate to racial propaganda. PED spokesman Judy Robinson dodged the question of what would happen if school boards actually do resist the state bureaucracy. According to reports, “school board leaders are elected locally but can be fired by the Public Education Department.”

2. “We aren’t saying that anyone who contacts reporters and urges they write about some bill should have to register as lobbyists. But…” – Kathleen Sabo, NM Ethics Watch Executive Director/former Head Analyst for the New Mexico State Senate [Democrats]


Double Standards: As  “journalists” lobby their Democratic Party allies in public office to pass new laws restricting private individuals (their political opponents) from freely communicating with news outlets, they hypocritically look the other way when their side engages in  “backdoor lobbying” and show no concern over Meow Wolf hiring Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich’s wife to lead their non-profit.

Double dealing: As MLG was recently called out for secretive campaign spending, powerful (and potential Speaker of the House) Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, the Democrat chair of the House Appropriations & Finance Committee, made thousand dollar donations to candidates challenging Democrat incumbents in the primary. Lundstrom cites their opposition to MLG’s failed hydrogen hub scheme.

Double trouble: As Democrats in New Mexico are increasingly dividing themselves, President Biden is facing moderate as well as vulnerable Democrats across the country who don’t want to support Biden’s decision to rescind Title 42, which used the pandemic as a reason for turning back illegal immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. Most Americans also disagree with Biden’s decisions.

Nationally, Democrats are losing support due to their inflationary policies, while locally, New Mexico voters now have more Hispanic Republican candidates than ever before, attempting to capitalize on the collapse of Hispanics' Democrat support.

3. “Confidence in American elections is at a low ebb and one reason is a lack of transparency.” – Doug Truax, founder and president of Restoration Action


Details: Although the Left in New Mexico has been pushing dubious election laws for years and the national Democrats’ attempt at a federal takeover of state and local elections failed last year, the fight for election integrity comes gets even hotter with a new lawsuit over voter roll access for citizen election audits.

Why it matters: Voter Reference Foundation (VRF) names the Secretary of State and AG defendants. A 1st amendment case, it charges that Secretary of State Oliver falsely characterized VRF’s publication of the voter rolls on its website as illegal, and also cites Oliver’s history of bias when dealing with public records requested by those she disagrees with politically.

The big picture: Oliver claims in an interview Monday that state law restricts the use of voter registration data to political campaigning or noncommercial government purposes. Meanwhile, Leftist Democrats in Washington are using the Otero County audit effort to attack advocates for fair and honest elections.

4. As federal court strikes travel mandate, New Mexico institutions react


Icebreakers: First, the Democrats’ big internal poll showed the American people feel the government overreached on COVID lockdowns, which was followed by MLG suddenly ending her indoor mask mandate. Now, a federal judge threw out the national mask mandate for travelers, which prompted Uber and Lyft to drop their mandates as well.

Defrosting: New Mexico State University, however, has not been quite so moved, as this week the state-funded college took away the option of taking weekly tests as an alternative to mandatory injections. With over 90 percent of students and faculty already jabbed, the Chancellor said the few unjabbed will no longer be subjected to mandatory testing.

Flamethrowers: The 2021 lawsuit that led to the federal judge’s tossing of the travel restrictions was spearheaded by Health Freedom Defense Fund, an Idaho-based advocacy group, and two Florida women. It’s a reminder that change can indeed come from the grassroots/bottom up and that although the struggle is tough, the people need to be even tougher.

After all, NMSU didn’t say the reason for lifting the test mandate was to ensure civil rights or trim down government overreach. Instead, it was because of the “time-consuming nature of the test-monitoring process and uncertainty about the future availability of free tests.”

It’s yet another stark example of the lack of compassion agents of the state show to the victims of their stubbornness and questionable policies, as our children are showing signs of trauma due to school closures and social isolation.

5. “These new federal and state oil and gas restrictions will continue to punish New Mexicans at the gas pump.” – Jim Winchester, executive director Independent Petroleum Association of NM


More rules: MLG thinks New Mexicans should be proud of “leading the nation by implementing rules” that will drive up already high energy prices for working families and forces productive oil wells to be shut down.

Lone wolf?: Even though there are more Mexican gray wolves in the area than when the federal government declared them endangered, radical environmentalist groups like Wild Earth Guardians continue to push for more wild wolves in New Mexico –which is bad news for ranching families who constantly suffer livestock killings due to wolves.

The Green War: Big Green hates Big Oil but loves taking its money. Big Green also loves power: the greatest common factor in the war on oil is bureaucratic dictates that have energy producers spending millions on legal protection as state governments and their green allies attack “green” tech companies’ corporate rivals.

Meanwhile: As ranchers say “efforts to scare the predators away from the livestock, including nonlethal shots fired from guns, flags on fences, and feeding the wolves away from livestock, have not had a positive result,” a federal appeals court ruled against ranchers in favor of the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse. Livestock is restricted from “damaging” the mouse habitat.


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