Since 2007, we have been dedicated to the advancement of opportunity, the defense of our common heritage, and promoting good governance.



At Hispanos Unidos, we are fighting for a better future for all of our children. We fight for a thriving economy where high paying jobs are plentiful and government stays out of our way.

Cultural Defense

We’re proud to be Spanish, Mexican, Indigenous, White, and everything in between. We know our history is more than heroes and villains. 


We deserve to have every dime of our tax money accounted for. We deserve representation that works for us and never gives in to the self serving temptations of public office.

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Our Priorities

Whether you grew up in Albuquerque or Mora, we all have an inherent drive to work hard. We have ...

New Mexico has historically been a footnote on the nation’s teaching of history. Plymouth Rock, ...

Accountability and transparency are vital to good government. The people of New Mexico deserve ...

Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.

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