Study shows NM's emergency health orders failed parents

In this week's Intelligencer, a new study shows New Mexico kids are most vulnerable, the feds investigate New Mexico citizens, renewable energy's reliability concerns, left-wingers spending big on Hispanic outreach, and the war in Ukraine’s impact on our state.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  “We need to prioritize kids... If we cannot raise healthy, well-adjusted children, we’re not going to have a healthy population in the future of our state.” Dr. Alexandra Cvijanovich

The stats: According to a study by the Covid Collaborative, New Mexico has one of the highest COVID-19 death rates for parents of children, as 341 children per 100,000 have lost a caregiver. Hispanics and Native Americans have been disproportionately devastated by Governor Lujan Grisham’s failed emergency “health” orders.

What they’re saying: New Mexico Pediatric Society president Dr. Alexandra Cvijanovich says pediatricians are experiencing an alarming increase in mental health problems that could harm children for decades, “We’ve got to mitigate a horrible situation…mental health was in a crisis before the pandemic and with these additional stressors and deaths, it will make a bad situation even worse.”

The lack of mental health services in rural areas makes it especially difficult for those New Mexicans, and “video visits” with a doctor are dependent upon internet access.

The bigger picture: While MLG wasted millions of dollars trying to bribe people to get the COVID injection with a $10 million lottery, her lockdown policies, such as “social distancing” and restrictions on family visitation only added to the children's emotional pain. Research also shows that the loss of economic security, social isolation (school, sports, etc.) stress on top of losing a mother, father, or caregiver makes it even harder to cope.

2. Democrats in Congress target New Mexicans with federal probe


On the Hill: The Democrat-controlled U.S. House Oversight Committee has launched an inquisition against an election audit company and a volunteer group of citizens, New Mexico Audit Force (NMAF), claiming “broad authority to investigate ‘any matter’ at ‘any time’ under House Rule X” in an 8-page letter to EchoMail, a company that conducted an election audit in Arizona.

The Committee claims it “is deeply concerned” that the canvass may lead to voter intimidation” –yet, so far no specific accusations of voter intimidation have been publicized in several reports in the press.

Show us your papers: But is this really an investigation of voter intimidation or is it actually a way for the feds to intimidate citizens? The Committee’s letter demands that EchoMail hand over “All internal and external communications” regarding:

  • “the sources, amounts, terms and conditions of funding and fundraising efforts”
  • “a list of all individuals and organizations that provided funding for the Otero County audit and canvass, along with the amount provided and the date of the donation”
  • “outside fundraising for the Otero County audit and canvass, including but not limited to, communications with funders of the election “audit” in Maricopa County, Arizona.”

The big picture: New Mexico’s AG, Hector Balderas, publicly attacked the audit, as did fellow Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, even using the issue to fundraise for re-election calling her opponent, Audrey Trujillo, a “certification denier.” Meanwhile, as we reported last week, the state auditor, Democrat Brian Colón conducted his own investigation and found no actual violations but smeared the effort anyway.

3. News outlet acknowledges renewable energy problems


The details: A recent piece in the Santa Fe New Mexican detailed how the future of renewable energy mandates in New Mexico is uncertain, partially discussing how the technology that renewable energy relies on is largely unproven.

What they're saying: With a background in energy, I was interviewed for the article: “I think nuclear energy should be the backbone of what we do. We’re building our [electricity] grid around technology that’s unproven.”

The big picture: Although the piece brings much needed awareness that green tech is unproven, it missed the more immediate story: the empirical evidence makes it clear that renewable energy mandates make electricity more expensive. With inflation concerns at the top of mind for New Mexican families, increasing the cost of living by making electricity more expense (while less reliable) is the last thing New Mexico needs right now.

4. Left-Wing activists spending big money to win back Hispanic voters


The money: “I haven’t seen spending from Democrats on Spanish-language ads this early in a Senate race in my entire career,” said Chuck Rocha, a Democratic strategist and former senior adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, indicating Democrats are afraid of losing more Hispanics across America.

The players: Keep in mind that the following groups represent just a drop in a very large left-wing ocean of money and operatives:

  • Building Back Together, a nonprofit created by Biden allies, is spending nearly $1 million in “bilingual ads across TV, radio and digital platforms in battleground states.”
  • Majority Forward, the nonprofit arm of Senate Democrats’ super PAC, has spent more than $1.5 million on Spanish-language television and radios in the month of March.
  • Somos PAC, a voter mobilization outfit that targets Hispanics in battleground states.

The urgency: Somos PAC warned Democrats that focusing only on TV and radio ads will not get the job done. Hispanos Unidos agrees: Grassroots will be a key to victory. TV and radio buys will not defeat the radicals running the state Democrats. New Mexico conservatives must get involved now – either as donors or volunteers.

5. Biden’s foreign policy failures spells disaster for the New Mexico homeland


Details: As we recently reported, New Mexico now has the highest unemployment rate in the country, which is just one indicator of our historically abysmal economy. MLG’s lockdown destroyed tens of thousands of jobs (as of May 2021!) while the state Democrats’ socialist policies like mandatory paid sick leave increase barriers to the market.

Why it matters: Now, experts are warning that the war between Russia and Ukraine, countries that supply a combined 1/3 of the world’s wheat, will “continue to increase prices of goods and could cause supply chain issues throughout New Mexico” as gas and food prices continue to increase.

The big picture: MLG’s fake GRT “tax cut” and “economic relief” rebate checks are clear vote-buying tactics. By attacking reliable energy throughout her first term and allowing the socialist wing of the party to run roughshod over the New Mexican people, the Left has made us even more vulnerable to global supply crises like the one now in Europe.


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