The Hypocrisy of Progressive Energy Policies

In this week's Intelligencer, progressive energy polices continue to harm New Mexico families, potential corruption in the state's Cannabis Control Division, Biden's approval drops to a record low, a new group empowering parents, and Mark Zuckerberg's election spending under scrutiny.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  The two-faced approach of progressive energy policies from radical environmentalists 

Details: The cognitive dissonance on display in Santa Fe is impressive, if not disappointing. Leave it to the radical progressives to attempt to save face with New Mexicans by planning to pass out checks during next week's special session (under the guise of helping to pay for rising energy costs). But New Mexicans will not forget that these are the same people who earlier this year were all too willing to pass a gas tax of around 40 cents a gallon by attempting to pass the disastrous so-called Clean Future Act.

Background: The Democrat leadership in Santa Fe is largely torn between serving two masters: the interests of radical progressives who mostly dominate the agenda in Santa Fe and the interests of hardworking New Mexican families struggling with record inflation and economic uncertainty (Bloomberg economists said they predict inflation will cost the average US household an extra $5,200 this year).

But New Mexicans aren't stupid. They recognize that the horrible energy policies emanating from the Roundhouse, such as MLG's "mini-Green New Deal" and the previously mentioned gas tax reveal the priorities (as misguided as they are) of MLG and her radical supporters.

The big picture: The gaslighting by the White House (emulated by Democrat leadership in Santa Fe) attempting to blame other outside factors for rising energy prices failed spectacularly: the NBC News poll described in greater detail further below found that 38% of Americans blame President Biden and his policies for inflation.

The special session next week is mostly an attempt by those radical progressives at gaining political cover and hiding the economic damage of pursing misguided energy policies. Come November, we'll find out the effectiveness of their gaslighting efforts.

2. A sweetheart deal for progressive political operative


Details: New Mexico’s new Cannabis Control Division is paying a well-known progressive political operative $125 an hour under a no-bid contract.

Background: The contract was awarded to Heather Brewer, president of HB Strategies and a well-connected progressive political insider whose background includes being a founding board member of Emerge New Mexico, the New Mexico branch of a Colorado-based radical organization with funding from progressive dark money groups. The contract total is substantially more than the yearly pay of other communications staff in state government.

The big picture: Sadly for New Mexican taxpayers, this shows how tight the progressive machine's stranglehold is over New Mexico's government. But as the next story explains, the upcoming election will hopefully bring some much needed balance (and fiscal restraint) to our government.

3. Biden's approval drops to record low among economic concerns


DetailsAmericans expressed low confidence in Biden in a recent NBC News poll which found that Biden’s overall job approval rating dropped to 40 percent — the lowest level of his presidency.

What they're saying: “One thing that has not happened — at least yet — is a rally-around-the-flag reaction with Joe Biden’s job rating increasing. The potential for that to occur could still happen if America becomes more directly involved, but at this stage it is not there,” commented Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who together with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinions Strategy, conducted the poll for NBC.

The big picture: Clearly this poll is just the most recent data point that confirms not only the general sentiment of voters but also the continuation of the trend and overall momentum of Biden's collapse of support. Obviously, these are worrisome numbers not only for the White House but also for the Democratic reelection campaigns this cycle (looking at you MLG). 

4. A new parents’ rights advocates group has the Left troubled


Details: Many parents across the country are fighting back against the public school establishment and New Mexico is no exception. And while locals are organizing themselves, a group in Florida is having a national impact – having grown in less than two years to over 100 chapters in over 30 states, with tens of thousands of members and supporters, according to the organization’s founders.

Backstory: After losing a 2020 re-election bid for the Brevard County school board in Florida, Tina Descovich teamed up with Tiffany Justice, who had recently stepped down from her own school board, and connected with Marie Rogerson, Descovich’s campaign manager, forming Moms for Liberty.

What they’re saying: A Washington Post hit piece quotes Justice, “When the whole world went virtual, it opened a window for parents into what was being taught, the curriculum and teacher-parent relationships.” Which readers of the Intelligencer know was horrifying.

“So instead of parents saying, ‘I am so angry about this,’ Justice said, “we are creating relationships so they can go to the superintendent and school board members and say. . . ‘How can we fix it?’ ”

5. Zuckerberg's $400 million in grant money to election officials in 2020 under scrutiny


Details: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and Meta Platforms Inc., gave out more than $400 million in grants to election officials in states across the county during the 2020 election  including at least $3 million here in New Mexico.

Why it mattersThat funding is now under scrutiny. Republicans in at least 28 states that "sought and received Zuckerberg’s grants in the depths of the pandemic have now passed or are working on bills that would ban future private grants to elections officials, sometimes claiming that Zuckerberg’s donations helped sway the election for President Joe Biden."

The big picture: These investigations into election integrity are part of a broader push for tighter elections laws in those states. The concern revolves around unchecked private influence on the infrastructure that supports the voting process.


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