The Racial Indoctrination of New Mexico Kids

In this week's Intelligencer, racial programming in public schools, environmentalists attacking from all fronts, a new buzzword from the institutional Left, and a recap of the messy Republican pre-primary convention.

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Dax Contreras
Executive Director, Hispanos Unidos

1.  Critical Race Theory infiltrates New Mexico’s public schools

DetailsNew standards for New Mexico’s K-12 social studies classes will push partisan political rhetoric as education over the next two years. CRT is cultural Marxist theory imbedded in how school teachers are now being taught to teach.

Why it matters: For example, Las Cruces Public Schools have bought tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of training materials from one of the kingpins of CRT, Dr. Sharroky Hollie, a radical academic whose racket is to pump out training programs and sell them to school districts and local governments throughout the country.

The big picture: As the main front in the Leftist culture war, CRT will spread into our local communities while parents and advocates work to oust the current elected officials and appointed bureaucrats responsible. It’s yet another reminder that elections have consequences and that New Mexicans with traditional values must fight back against the intersectional Left.

2. Big Green continues its war on New Mexicans


Details: In 2020, the New Mexico Environmental Department approved a permit for Associated Asphalt and Materials to consolidate their locations by moving one to the other across the street. But immediately, the radical activist group Earthworks and the powerful NM Environmental Law Center intervened with an appeal. The effort calls itself “Santa Fe Southside Environmental Justice Coalition.”

MeanwhileThe New Mexico Paddlers Coalition, a 501(c)(3) front group formed by activist professionals is celebrating its victory as the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against property owners, voiding certificates granted by the NM Game Commission. U.S. Senator and professional environmental activist Martin Heinrich also celebrated. Sen. Martin Heinrich and others have been outspoken against limiting access to what they say are public waters.

The big picture: As the BLM decides whether to side with environmental groups pushing for restrictions on Navajos trying to make a living in the San Juan Basin or with the Navajos themselves, the United Nations along with its green group proxies like National Wildlife Federation, Third Way, BlueGreen Alliance, Clean Air Task Force beat the drum for Biden’s Build Back Better boondoggle, which would be a disaster for the country's economy and ultimately our own here in New Mexico.

3. Restorative Justice for Social Justice Warriors?


Mob violence: When a mob of left-wing militants in Santa Fe destroyed a monument to Union Soldiers who fought to free Black slaves in the South, only a few were arrested and charged. Two years later, their punishment was completed with 40 hours of community service and by undergoing a process of “restorative justice.”

Dubious reform: According to Common Ground Mediation Services, the company that conducted the “Restorative Justice”, or RJ, “is a practice that redefines the nature of crime, wrongdoing, violation and conflict” where “each participant listens deeply to each other’s stories, without interruption. This deep listening often fosters empathy and forgiveness among participants and opens the door to consider ways to heal the tear in the web of relationships.”

The big picture: Although Common Ground’s website implies RJ is for juvenile offenders, in this case it was full-grown adult rioters who were slapped on the wrist by what appears to be sympathizers with violent left-wing extremists. RJ is often found in public schools, going soft on bullies. One example of RJ’s fundamental transformation of our legal system is that it refers to criminal offenders as “Persons of Concern (PoC).”

4. Republican’s Bungle Pre-Primary Vote


The details: The Republican Party of New Mexico’s plan was for their delegates to vote for their statewide candidates via email at their convention in Ruidoso. But technical issues delayed the vote for hours as they ultimately gave up and went with a paper ballot vote.

The results: Medical supply salesman and part owner of Caliber’s shooting range in Albuquerque, Louie Sanchez received almost 70 percent of the delegates for the CD1 race as Alexis Martinez Johnson won CD3 by nearly 90 percent. Yvette Herrell ran unopposed for her seat. Also unopposed were Audrey Trujillo (Secretary of State), Jeremy Gay (AG), Harry Montoya (State Treasurer), Jeff Byrd (Commissioner of Public Lands) along with 4 State Supreme Court and Court appeals judge candidates.

The repercussions: RPNM’s bungling of the vote was ripe fodder for the Democrats, who blasted the GOP all over social media. But some Republican Party members are frustrated with the organization and using the debacle as another argument against the party leadership. Will the controversial count affect party unity or will it fade to the background?


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